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Is your website of any benefit? Have you been unable to establish why you do not receive responses via your website? How important is your website to your business and so on? Are you frustrated especially on the cost you incur on your site? Or you just run a website business blindly …. you are a layman?!

Welcome to NagroSoft Interactive Media – an internet consulting portal focusing on what’s in a good quality domain or website! You can also source domain names or established websites for sale or otherwise

Big and gorgeous sites are developed day after day and many authoring tools are invented now and then but there are very vital factors to consider before constructing or determining which is the best site! Beauty, age or size of a site or domain will not help you …. traffic or the number of existing or non-existing visitors is the bone of contention!

For one to be successful in doing website or online application or web-based business some factors must be considered:

Quality of the website/ Application – is it properly built? Does it have all features of a good quality site such as no code errors/ bugs, Virus free site, broken links, etc
Is the domain submitted to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN( Bing) and Lycos? How many pages are indexed?
Is your Domain or site banned by search engines? There are reasons like virus in your FTP, Folders, files or files in general. However there are many ways of cleaning or protecting your website like password changing after Antivirus scanning!
After Search Engine submission what is your PageRank in a particular Engine? PR0-PR10 or N/A
How about Search Engine Optimization(SEO)? Is your site ranking high on the top Search Engines like Google?
Have you submitted your site to Search Engine Directories like DMOZ and Yahoo!